Just like most of us probably have, I had gone through a terrible breakup. My inspiration to create something was the result of having a hard time expressing myself in writing or verbally expressing my feelings. I was going through a tough time and felt VERY MUCH alone. I had moved out of my ex's house to a small studio in Anaheim, Ca. I felt like I was starting from square one all over again and finding my true self and what I really wanted to do with my life. Then one day instead of lying there depressed, I realized the best way to move past this time in my life is to focus on something with progress and also help me grow as a person....I had always wanted my own all in one fashion/apothecary/bar/coffee shop type of store growing up, so I went to The Fashion Institute of Merchandising and never really found myself after that. Fashion design seemed so saturated, and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life after graduation, but I always knew I wanted to create things from healthy drink recipes to clothing and even wellness products. I also have always had an appreciation for music, going to shows most of the time growing up and an appreciation for chic aesthetic and design that makes me feel a certain type of way.

    With the advice of my friend (and now Husband) who saw something in me that had so much more potential. I decided to learn to make soap. I immediately fell in love with the art of it. Usually in times of despair I listen to A LOT of music- Music inspires me in ways I can’t even explain, a single song can turn my mood and energy upside down- or just make me get up and have a new perspective on life. That usually helps me feel better, but there was also something more I needed. I needed to do something else that was more distracting yet productive while listening to my favorite tunes. That is where putting on my favorite music and making soap at the same time really became a positive and creative outlet for me, Then I decided to name these bars after the song I was currently relating to. I made soap VERY often-I made so much soap in my little studio kitchen that I ended up giving them away as Christmas gifts to my coworkers and friends who loved it so much I decided to turn it into a little business. I was so intrigued by the process, I wanted to figure out how to make the BEST quality bar of soap you can find so I decided to study different ingredients and how they work with the skin etc. and eventually started sourcing the best quality ingredients I could find, most of them being organic but my main focus was to use sustainable, and natural ingredients. Nothing synthetic or toxic. I eventually took some classes to make sure I understood the whole process correctly- since it is a science. The first time I used one of my soaps I never went back to even body wash -they are so silky and buttery! Since then I don’t even know if I’ve ever used any other bar. I even travel with my soaps! 

    The most fun part was choosing the packaging and aesthetic for my brand, all of it was just consuming me… But in a good way. I eventually decided to create a brand and call it “HAUTBath” as an ode to my fashion degree. I also like to name each bar by a song (or lyrics from that song) that is my current inspiration and as an ode to my favorite artists, hoping some people would recognize the soap names and can possibly relate. Fast forward to today, I still love making soap and have tried to venture into other products but don’t feel the same passion as I do when I make soap. With wanting to expand my product line to offer more of a variety, I decided to leave it up to other artisans in their field who are experts in their own right. Now, HAUTBath is expanding to candles and other bath care as well as some home decor (some even made by me!) Eventually, I want to bring in jewelry, chic loungewear, lingerie and bathrobes! 

      My whole goal for HAUTBath is to create a space for you to come and be inspired with products that make you feel your best. For anyone going through a hard time (of any kind) I want to be able to inspire you to do something for yourself that makes YOU feel good. Focus on something that makes PROGRESS. I want to develop a community for those (who like me at one point) felt like they were alone or at their lowest and needed a positive distraction to move forward in their lives. This is where my blog HAUTReads comes in. It is there for you to LEARN something. Take something away from it that can hopefully inspire YOU to have a positive distraction and possibly turn into a creative outlet for yourself someday…