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Rose & Charcoal        "Always you"

Rose & Charcoal "Always you"

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"Always You"

Rose Clay  & Charcoal Soap

Scented with Ylang ylang & Lavender essential oils

Inspired by Flower Face

This soap is formulated with natural clays and coconut milk powder with a romantic aroma essential oil blend of ylang ylang andlavender. Coconut milk powder gives this bar a silky and smooth with a creamy lather. 

Key ingredients and benefits:

Rose clay is one of the mildest clays out there, it helps improve skin elasticity and gently detoxifies to draw out impurities and is great for cell renewal.

Ylang Ylang-  is known for balancing and regulating oil production in your skin to prevent excessive dryness and oiliness. This scent also promotes relaxation and has antimicrobial  properties.