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Aloe Vera Beauty Cubes for Face Freezing

      I first heard about this from @theskinnyconfidential and try to do this every morning as for not only does it feel so relaxing but it helps with puffiness, reducing inflammation and it can really help wake you up.I do have an actual stainless steel ice roller but I use the cubes first to seep the aloe into my skin then I rub the ice roller on top of that all over! 🥶Caution ⚠️:There are mixed opinions on applying the ice directly to your skin if your skin is sensitive and prone to redness like mine.So I focus mostly on my forehead and under eyes and just kinda of let the cold water drip down my face as to avoid...

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Complexion Pops

A sweet way to radiant and glowing skin, these tantalizing yogurt popsicles infused with the natural goodness of blueberries and butterfly pea flower powder!

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Love Potion Beauty Tonic- Juice Recipe

                                         Credit: Here’s a quick beauty tonic recipe for you! I didn’t have actual beets this time so I ended up using my beet powder -which has the same benefits. With the added ginger in here, I would consider this a really good drink to boost your immune system.Let me know if you try it! It’s not sweet so you can add a natural sweetener of your choice, I ended up mixing a tiny amount of my pyure sugar.Ingredient DuJour: Beet powderBeet powder can not only promote healthy looking skin, but it can help boost your immune system and lower...

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