Soap Sacks
Soap Sacks

Soap Sacks

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These environmentally friendly soap savers are a great option to throw your soap scraps in near the end of your bar's life. 

You also have the option to insert the full-size bar into the pouch, secure it and reap the lathering and exfoliating benefits of this biodegradable pouch, a great alternative to your plastic loofahs to utilize every last bit of your soap!

Please remember to take the full-size bar out after each use and place on a soap dish or soap saver where it can receive full air flow, as for leaving it in the bag can shorten the life span of your bar if the bag isn't fully dry.


Features: & Benefits:

-Can double as an exfoliating sponge.

-Towards the end of your soap bar's life it can break into tiny soft pieces, throw them in here to utilize every last bit of your soap.

-Creates a great lather.

-Drawstring tightening, easy to seal.

-Soft and water resistant.

-Made with natural sisal. 


Care directions: Hang your soap pouch in the shower to dry after each use. Wash in the washer machine in between each soap bar to sanitize properly. 

Size: 5x3.5